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Ustaoset – Norway

Bikeroute Rallarvegen

Rallarvegen, following the outskirts of the Hardangervidda Plateau, leads you along the Bergen Railway Line from Haugastøl via Finse, Hallingskeid, Myrdal and down to Flåm. 

The road by itself is an attraction, but it also brings you through a fantastic highland area starting at 1000 meters above sea level(a.s.l.), peaking at 1350 meters for then to lead you back down to the fjords at sea level.

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Hiking in the norwegain mountains 

Hardangervidda is a mountain plateau, the largest plateau of its kind in Europe with one of Norway`s largest glaciers; Hardangerjøkulen. Much of the plateau is protected as part of Hardangervidda National park. Hardangervidda is a popular tourist and leisure destination, and it is ideal for many outdoor activities.

Hike on a trail creates by Nepalese sherpas: Prestholtrunden
Prestholtrunden brings you to the top of the Hallingskarvet mountain range, where you can enjoy fantastic views of the Hardangervidda mountain plateau and the Hallingdalen valley.

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Waterfalls & glacier 

Vøringsfossen is the 83rd highest waterfall in Norway on the basis of total fall. It lies at the top of Måbødalen in the municipality of Eidfjord, not far from Highway 7, which connects Oslo with Bergen. It has a total drop of 182 meters and a major drop of 163 meters. It is perhaps the most famous in the country and a major tourist attraction on the way down from Hardangervidda to Hardangerfjord

Måbødalen is narrow and steep, and this beautiful valley stretches from Eidfjord through to Hardangervidda, where it is possible to see the waterfall from the bottom of the valley. There used to be several roads passing through Måbødalen, and in the 1780’s stone steps were built (1300 in total) to make the journey easier.
From the main road the walk to the waterfall is about 30 minutes, and the view at the end is a guaranteed reward. 
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Finse is a mountain village area on the shore of the lake Finsevatnet. The village is centered on Finse Station a railway station on the Bergen Line. The village sits at an elevation of 1,222 metres (4,009 ft) above sea level, making it the highest station on the entire Norwegian railway system.

During the winter, Finse is popular for cross country skiing, kiting, expedition training, and Red Cross training.
During the summer, the recreational focus switches to mountain cycling, walking, and glacier walking on the adjacent “blue ice” Hardangerjøkulen glacier.
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